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A tantalizing burst of sweet pineapple. Truly mouthwatering!

Each candle is made of all-natural soy and paraffin, specially blended to create a long-lasting burn that will perfume your home for hours. Experience the luxury of a handmade candle at a fraction of the cost; each one is hand poured while oils are slowly added in to ensure equal distribution of scent release upon being lit. As the flame creeps down the wick oils are pulled up and released through the small black “mushroom cloud” that forms above it. 

Burn Time:

22oz/2 wicks - 110-130 hours

11oz/2 wicks - 50-60 hours

3oz/1 wick - 20-25 hours

Votive - 15-20 hours

**Please Note: All Tyler Candle Co. products will be unavailable to ship during Arizona Summer months, beginning April 15th-September 1.

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